Shoe Size Guide

Please use our Shoe Size Guides below to help choose the right size shoe for your little one. 

Measuring your Child's Feet

  1. While your child is standing (bearing weight), measure the length from the heel to the end of the longest toe in cm/mm.  Please measure both feet, as one foot may be slightly longer than the other - if this is the case, use the larger measurement. 

  2. Allow approximately 1cm (about a thumb width) between the longest toe and the top end of the shoe.  This will provide for maximum comfort, allow room for socks/stockings and give some room for growth.

Baby Soft-Sole Shoes & Boots

Ideal for pre-walkers and new-walkers.

'Squeaky' Toddler Shoes & Boots

Ideal for new walkers who are gaining confidence and speed!

And remember - you can remove the 'squeak'! Simply remove the squeaky valve from the inner rubber sole and insert the replacement valves (included with every pair) to be squeak-free. It's your choice!

Toddler Shoes & Boots

Ideal for independent walkers who are confident on their feet!